Create your own product to meet a business need

Develop your apps without coding based on business requirements with dynamic workflow and customizable dashboards

  • Create Apps Without Coding
  • Publish changes with no downtime
  • Rich, drag-drop UI

Work from anywhere in the world

3B Creator enables you to develop, publish, and access data from anywhere in the world using a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device

  • Development from any location
  • Automatic access
  • All devices are permitted

Dynamic Apps that require no code

A single window may be used to manage whole apps without the need for programming. For the data, analyses, forecasts, and predictions will all exhibit precise findings

  • Never develop any code
  • Precise data analytics & prediction
  • Managing apps from a single window

Quick & straightforward data sources

View the data from your app as editable files, databases, and dashboards. Integration of Dynamic API with the other software would be supported

  • Configurable Dashboard Builder
  • Dynamic data sources
  • A Secure data transfer

Configurable workflow methodology

The dynamic, adaptable workflow for process automation was created by 3B Creator, and the necessary data will be moved to each screen one by one in accordance with the defined process

  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Boost up accountability
  • On the fly, gather relevant data

Synchronize processes, apps, and data

Utilize a single data model to produce and disseminate the data your consumers require, when they require it

  • Several Data Source
  • Easy to administer
  • Cloud Server

Configurable Events and Calculations

Complex business calculations and realizable events through setups from anywhere without writing a single line of code

  • Event handling requires no coding
  • Multi-lingualassistance
  • Very less maintenance

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Mobile Number

To accomplish your business app ideas and data storage goals.

Build your product to support several devices

Create an application of your dreams with all the necessary business functionality without writing a single line of code.


Used for more Application integrations

Linked with all your other tools and watch your business process in 3B Creator platform.


Graphical Workflow Configurations

All business logics and calculations, including automated email, SMS, and reminder notifications, will be provided by 3B Creator using the zero-code idea.


Real-time Dashboard Configurations

Make massive amounts of data into colorful dashboard charts with real-time analytics using 3B Creator.


Integrate configurable AI

Utilize the No Code idea to integrate AI into your commercial products.


Free business apps that are ready to use.

Select or create your preferred application with a database.

Employee Management
Employee Management
Vendor Management
Vendor Management
Property Management
Property Management
Logistics Management
Logistics Management
Lead Management
Lead Management
Quotation Management
Quotation Management

50-times faster than manual development, when developing your project.

Install and modify solutions from our large selection of applications to satisfy your business needs.

Zero Coding
Rapid development
One-click deployment
Zero Downtime